*Winner of FringeNYC Overall Excellence Award: Overall Play

“From that question, Jenkins added, ‘came an outpouring of love and fierce reclamation.  At times the play feels like a ritual, a haunting.  At times, a celebration of life. Always an open invitation to mourn and laugh and stand with us.'”

“Some of theatre’s most beautiful moments are when the vision and talents of everyone involved collaborate to near-perfection, to the point that the piece isn’t simply a performance but a mirror that enchants, inspires, and questions its audience. Black Magic achieves this masterfully.”

“‘Black Magic’ is not always easy on the mind but it is undyingly kind to the spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation. The play’s message transcends race, color, sex, sexual status, and age: its rich and enduring questions connect with all who seek to move East of Eden with a renewed spirit of hopefulness rooted and grounded in love.”

“But if there is rage and sorrow in these characters’ stories, the 40 minutes of “Black Magic” are also filled with joy and humor, music and song, thrilling movement and pithy poetry, syncopated stomping and rhythmic clapping, and even some red-nose clowning – but clowning with an edge. Written and directed by undergraduates, the production is remarkably polished.”

Fringe Review: Black Magic

I believe that the theatre is the only place where we get to have real time collective experiences with stories.”

“As an openly gay playwright of color, Jenkins’ work has a highly distinctive bent rarely seen in theater, mainstream or otherwise.”

“Black Magic was written by Tony Jenkins as an immediate response to current news stories concerning young black men and the Black Lives Matter movement.”

“The play wrestles with themes of forgiveness, sacrifice, loss of innocence, love, coming of age, self-discovery, reclamation, and equality. Yet Jenkins contends that the work is also a tribute to black love.”